The world’s pandemic has forced isolation upon us with a heartless vengeance. This isolation for the vast majority of Americans changed our lives in dramatic ways; some positive; some negative.

How we respond to “fiery trials” determines if we have a positive or negative attitude. Thankfully attitude is a mindset, a choice, a moment by moment decision.  

Family isolation has two polar impacts; to dwell together in unity or to dwell together in negativity. The fact of the matter is, if we don’t plan to dwell together in unity we have planned to fail and we will not enjoy the delight and joy of dwelling together in unity.

Specific ways to dwell together in unity:

  1. Choose gratitude; eliminate negative words. Write out 10 gratitudes a day. Play the gratitude game with your family. Each person states their gratitude. Set a 2 or 3-minute time limit. Go from person to person speaking gratitudes.
  2. Discover a new normal. Stop doing one habit; replace it with a better habit. For me, it meant 8 days of no T.V. news. I read my Bible more often. My attitude changed for the better. Trash collected into the brain brings trash out of the mouth.
  3. Plan at least one fun family activity each day; one time a week a bigger activity. For me, it was learning to cook delicious meals. (Some weren’t so tasty). Some were outrageously good.
  4. Delight in Sacred Silence. Get alone; set a timer for 15 minutes; light a candle, brew some essential oils you like, listen to your breath as nostrils intake and pursed lips blow out… four-count in; 8-count out; write your 10 gratitudes, pray for one hurting person. Thank God for your trials.
  5. Live the Right Here Right Now Law of Life Success. Living in yesterday you will tend to get depressed; live in the tomorrow you will tend to be fearful/anxious. Joy, gratitude, hope, peace, kindness, patience come from living in the precious moment right here right now.

Fred C Family Unity thought for the day:

If fear of CV-19 grows at the least expected time I turn to my Lord God who leads me to his secret place where I dwell in sacred silence, and for a time I feel the troubles and trials of this world no longer dominate my mind and the grace and peace of His Holy Spirit calms my mind and heart. This is where I move to delight to dwell in family unity.