A dream is only a dream until you write out the dream in crystal clear terms; then it becomes a goal.

If only once in a lifetime you meet a person who brings inspiration and amazement to your life, you are fortunate and blessed.

Thankfully, I have had many once in a lifetime meetings, I have many friends that inspire and amaze. Friends that have truly changed my world, through their own personal excellence and passion for life.

For 15 years, beginning in 2001, I have been working on bringing basketball camps to China and Chinese students to NBC Camps in the US.

It has been a labor intensive experience. Two steps forward and three steps backwards has been the dance now for many years.

Have you heard of the theory of 21? A successful businessman told me the founder of his company was willing to work 21 years to win a major client.

This spoke profoundly to me. I still have 6 years to see NBC China happen! I will be 80 in 6 years. Get’er done is my goal.

Three years ago Mr. Gengqi Yang was introduced to me by the leadership at Skagit Valley College.  Mr.Yang is one amazing man. We are now business partners and friends.

My dream that started in 2001 is near reality. Mr. Yang is the owner and founder of NBC China. Our goal is to teach Chinese youth basketball and life skills.

Our big dream is to bring US and China youth together to make a better world, a safer world.

When we stop dreaming our dreams, life becomes mundane. When we write dreams down, they become goals and goals with a never quit attitude become reality.

What are your dreams?
Which ones are worth writing down?
Focus on one goal.
Pay the cost to get the goal done well.

Pray with me that I would finish this marathon of a dance, as this long awaited door slowly opens year by year.


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