50 years ago Susie and I were doing post grad work at the Institute of Biblical Studies. We were eager learners.

The best professor in our lives jolted us one day with these words, “Doctrine is dynamic. Revelation demands a response.”  

As was his teaching custom, he used a life example to illustrate his point.

Your child comes into the kitchen, “Dad, the basement is flooding. The toilet is overflowing. Doctrine says, “Water not going down the drain means water on the floor.” Revelation means: get your body downstairs now.”

The prof went so far to say, “If you are in this class with no intention to act on what is revealed to you, then you are foolish. It would be better for you not to be here.”

The full impact this lecture had on us did not happen immediately. Now, after 50 years, I believe that your doctrine, which is your philosophy, your belief system; dictates how you live. It is your most precious gift from God.

If this is true, and I believe it is, then my philosophy is my most precious belief and must be protected.

Allow me to use a basketball example. I find basketball an excellent tool to teach more complex life skills.

A basketball coach who philosophically is very conservative. The coach has a control based belief system because mistakes are severely criticized.

Each year a coach can tell the team they will play fast and lose, but the first time the team loses, slow ball replaces fast and lose. That is because the coach’s basketball doctrine does not tolerate turnovers.

Too many humans are dead people walking. They breathe, walk and talk, yet their eyes lack light, their smile never reaches their eyes and life is hard and boring.

This is Crowell’s thesis: (this philosophy and belief system is based on personal experience plus hundreds of personal interviews with students and professionals):

1. 8 of 10 junior and senior high school students don’t like school and don’t love hard work.

2. 80% of our workforce, including educators, cannot clearly articulate their meaning and purpose for their life’s work. Thus it is just a job.

3.70% of adults have lost confidence in marriage. I am told 27% of people living together are married, 73% are not married.

Someone once said, “There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened?”

And more than we would like to admit we can have the mindset of, “I don’t care what happens unless it happens to me.”

The first and foremost way to empower a person to walk alive and not walk dead is to inspire them to examine and define their belief system.

Who am I?
What is my meaning and purpose?
What is my doctrine on work?
Who created me and why?
What happens when I die?

These are tough questions. They demand effort and dedicated research.

80% are not willing to work hard to find the answers.

Which boat are you in right here right now?  

Boat One, the 80 percent who are the walking dead.

Boat Two, the 20%, the walking alive.

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.” – Romans 12:1

My next Words of Hope Focuses on Revelation Demands a Response.