Both lands were created to be the happiest places on earth. What happened?

Walt Disney had a dream. He wanted children to be able to experience happiness. Disneyland is Mr. Disney’s gift to millions and millions of people.

For months, 5-year-old Kingston and 3-year-old Gia Crowell have been counting the days to experience the happiest place on earth. What joy to see their excitement as we got to Disneyland.

Livingland was God’s idea to have the happiest place on earth.

Disney created the Matterhorn; God created Mt. Everest.

Disney created Grizzly Bear Run with rapids and giant rocks; God created the mighty rivers and oceans.

Disney created It’s a Small World; God created the World.  

Disney created Mickey and Minnie Mouse; God created Adam and Eve.

Disneyland and Livingland have much in common.

Both Disney and God created miracles for us to experience; yet the happiness factor is a personal choice. Happiness is not automatic.  

Both are very expensive. A day at Mr. Disney’s fantasy world designed to remove us temporarily from the grind of daily living costs 150 dollars admission. Livingland is costly as well.

Some days Disneyland has temperatures beyond comfortable, lines lasting an hour for one ride. Some days Livingland is just plain hard.

Fact is both Walt’s land and God’s world are about as happy as we choose to make them.

The big sign should read, Disneyland Happiest Place on Earth if You Choose to Make it Happy.

The same goes for God’s world. God’s Livingland Happiest Place on Earth and in Heaven if You Totally Surrender Your Life to Jesus Christ.

Susie is a Disneyland pro. Our Ferch family has five day Disneyland marathons with Susie and Jennifer leading the pack from opening to closing.

Through the years I have often asked this question to the folks who work at Disneyland. In your experience, what percentage of the people act like it is the happiest place on earth? 25% is the typical response.

Sound familiar to the 80 – 20 rule? Sound familiar to the Parable of the Sower?  

In this incredible world called earth, how many people do you know who love Livingland?  

How is it possible for people to say, “I am bored, there is nothing to do.”  

How is it possible to go to Disneyland and be unhappy? Same reason, unhappiness is all about us.

The next 3 days at Disneyland are going to be exactly as happy as I choose to make them.

The same goes for the rest of my life in Livingland. It will be as I will it to be.

Not what happened; it’s make it happen.


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