Key statement: Destiny is the product of habits; habits are the products of actions; actions are the products of words; words are the products of thoughts, and thoughts are the products of dreams.

Positive destinies originate from positive dreams; negative destinies originate from negative dreams.

Shann asked his father, Tom, “What went wrong with your father, why did he end up a beaten down man?”

Tom said, “He stopped living his dreams.”

The difference between great leaders, great fathers, great mothers, great teachers, great coaches, great mentors, and mediocre ones, is their ability to visualize what a person can become; not who or what they are at the present time.

I think this means the great ones can see the destiny before the dream is even imagined in the student of learning.

Moscow Idaho, 1961, a young college freshman was on the brink of flunking out of the University of Idaho. On a dismal and cold winter day, Dr. Leon Green placed his hand on this young athlete’s shoulder.

Dr. Green said these positive words, “I see greatness in you, come major in physical education and I will mentor you.”

Doc didn’t tell me I would have to minor in English and Biology.

Five years later this boy had become a young man ready to enter the professional world. 

Once again Dr. Leon Green was the man of the hour. Fred Crowell needed new thoughts and new words to reach his dream of becoming a college basketball coach.

Crowell had lost out on several coaching jobs. Doc said, “Hey Crowell, they need a basketball coach at the University of Alaska. Why don’t you apply?”

“Do you think I can get that job?” I asked.

“No, send them a letter anyway they only cost 10 cents,” was his response.

Two weeks later the University of Alaska hired coach Crowell as it’s head men’s basketball coach. Knock knock. Whose there? Destiny, I have been waiting for you.

My favorite line from the movie Bolt.

What is my destiny?

Fred Crowell woke at 1:57 am today. A dream woke me. Today I have a new destiny.

Tomorrow I see the oncologist to get news of my most recent blood draw.  The news will not change my new destiny.

Some day I will tell you my new destiny.

What is your destiny?

If you can’t tell me what it is in 20 seconds or less, I urge you to get busy. Know your destiny. Make a new one today.