Sir Winston Churchill, given to depression, called it the Black Box. This Black Box is too deep to climb out of by sheer human strength and effort. The sides of the box are slippery, the walls, high. Ropes or ladders not available. The Black Box is a dreadful place; no light, total darkness, and 100% void of hope. No one who has ever been in Churchill’s idea of the Black Box wishes to return after making their escape.

The three Ds of hopelessness reign havoc on millions upon millions of lives. Depression, despair, and darkness do not play favorites. All of humanity is fare game for these dreaded destroyers of joy, happiness and abundant living. Wealthy or poor, young or old, extraordinary or ordinary, famous or infamous the TRI Brothers of Doom attack without mercy. It even seems the rich and famous are often more prone to find themselves in the Black Box.

Knowledge, understanding, and action are the three skills to master to avoid falling into the Black Box.

To Know is First

The Black Box is dug by the hands of the one fighting despair, loss, grief, anger, bitterness or other forms of darkness. The Black Box is dug slowly, one step at a time. It may be dug with shovel loads of self-hatred, self-pity, anger-resentment, or bitterness. Depression itself becomes an addiction over time; it does not happen in a moment.

The conscious and subconscious minds are the laboratories where depression breeds. Once the brain has been depleted of serotonin the mind begins to skip a beat and begins to works like the old 78 record album. The needle stuck the mind repeats the same negative message loop over and over. The mind now plays mental games against us. Once in the Black Box it is rare for anyone to get out without medication, and/or help from trusted others.

To Understand is Second

Understand as words build the Black Box, words also destroy the Black Box. Words are the key to fighting darkness of any kind. Building our world with our words is a biblical theme from the first book in the Bible al the way through to the powerful life-giving words of Jesus, John, James, Peter, and Paul.

Understand if one is diagnosed to be in despair, in darkness, in depression, the safe and wisest move is to get immediate help. Now! The fantastic news is there is hope for the dreadful disease of depression.

Two near future Words of Hope will be dedicated to how we can keep away from the Black Box … and how to get out of the Black Box if you are in it already.

Final questions? 

Have you ever been in the Black Box?

Are you in the Black Box?

Are you digging the Black Box?