The law of attraction means what we attach ourselves to will multiply and expand. Therefore, what we purposely choose to delight in will grow into greater delight.

Delight is not on automatic pilot in our lives.

To delight is a conscious act; eventually by choosing at the conscious level to delight, it will become a subconscious act. 

Delight and disgust are at odds with each other. Delight is a relationship builder. Disgust is a wrecking ball of relational destruction.

Both delight and disgust are choices at the conscious level. 

This is where Emotional Intelligence (EQ) comes into play. EQ is the skill to be able to diagnose both what is happening in one’s own life and the other people in the room.

Too often people are unaware they are living in disgust, yet those around them see and feel it.

It’s like the man who told me, “I am very angry but I don’t know it.” My wife often asks me, “Why are you so angry?”

Logical Steps To Grow Delight and Diminish Disgust.

  1. Search your heart. Take moral inventory. Ask someone to give you an honest evaluation of your level of delight and your level of disgust.
  2. Identify specific areas such as marriage, children, career, and other relationships that you wish to improve. Begin the process of choosing to delight in these areas.
  3. Writing is magic, therefore write down ways that you delight in people, your career, your life, or the world we live in.
  4. Confess and ask forgiveness from God for those areas that you have disgust. Eliminate negative thoughts and words.
  5. Speak the light to that which you choose to delight; write notes of gratitude.

As you delight you will become delightful.