This is a valuable rule for aspiring basketball players who come to NBC Camps.
Actually, it is valuable to all people. Personally, I delight in teaching it to those who come under my coaching influence.

Here it goes with the Crowell 80-20 rule:

First the bad news. Life is tough. Life isn’t fair. Competition, sometimes better than you, awaits us every day of our lives. Hard work is necessary, failing is inevitable, pain is normal. Show up always or lose. This is life. Now the good news. 80% of the population just want to get by. If you want to dream big and actually make your dreams come true you only have to compete with the top 20%.

I personally asked kids if I am wrong, or only making assumptions. When I presented: 80% of the students at their school didn’t like school and don’t want to be there. They Agreed. That 8 out of 10 of the people they know dislike hard work. They agreed.

Here are some more provoking thoughts; 80 percent of the freshman entering college cannot clearly tell you their meaning and purpose for being there, and in most sales professions, 20% of the salespeople are selling 80% of the business.

Mathew 13:

Mathew records the parable of the farmer who threw seed on the ground.
Guess what! 75% failed! Only one in four won!
There is a second lesson from Matthew’s words.
Why did Jesus teach in parables?
He tells us he wants only those who sincerely desire to know and live the truth.
The fact of the matter is this is not based on talent, pedigree or intelligence.
It is based on want to. How bad do you want it?

Personal Application:

The Doc says to Crowell. “You have cancer on 3 spots on the spine.”
Crowell asks, ” If there were 1000 Fred Crowell ‘s with this diagnosis what is the average expectation”?
Doc says, “Worst case 2 good years, then rapid decline. Best case 5 good ones, then decline.”
Crowell’s response. Thank God I am not average and neither are you.

God ‘s promise written by St Paul
But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness…”