“Shooting a bad basketball is like chewing food with a broken tooth. In LIFEBALL fixing a problem with the wrong tool creates more problems.”

How can I more effectively teach basketball’s most important and most difficult skill has been a question on my mind for years and years.

Similarly, I think so often about teaching youth life’s most important skill.

My first step is always the diagnostic stage.

What is basketball’s most import skill?

What is lifeball’s most difficult skill?

In basketball, the shot is the most important skill. It is a difficult skill to master!

Guarding your heart is life’s most difficult skill! EQ education is the foundation in learning how to guard your heart.

Diagnosis demands the relentless pursuit to discover the root of the problem. A cancer friend who has a one in a million kind off cancer has an oncologist who said, “Stay with me, here is my cell number, I am going to keep you alive. I will find the root of the problem.”

This is the mindset I have in teaching the art of the basketball shot and EQ training focused on guarding your heart; the solution to depression, anxiety, fear and even suicide.

One morning about 3 am. I woke abruptly. For several years I had worked on a simple way to place your hands on the basketball correctly. A soft grip with your hands and correct finger placement is crucial, the hands are the steering wheel.

The diamond idea jumped out as the perfect solution. As you look at the Crowell Basketball the diamonds are clear. There are 8 diamonds so a shooter has 16 choices to place the index and middle fingers. The correct positions to get perfect backspin.

I just love it when a good idea comes together.

Just like mastering the heavily guarded shot in basketball, guarding the heart is every bit as difficult.

How do you guard your heart?  

The challenge is to be a warrior when the situation calls for it and to be able to shed tears when it is the right time.

Proverbs 15:23 has been a strong motivator for me as a parent and coach.

How will you guard your heart today and follow Paul’s admonition, “Be joyful always pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything.”


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