The year 1999 is the year the gratitude story began. The world was in disarray. Brilliant minds predicated the world economy was going to collapse because the world of technology was not equipped to deal with a new century. 2000 was the year of cataclysmic financial disaster. Brilliant financial minds panicked.  

Unfortunately, I was among many who listened to unwise counsel. It cost the Crowell family dearly. For the first time in my life, I experienced devastation beyond my ability to control. This resulted in a state of depression.  

Fortunately, Susie inspired and encouraged me. She wisely counseled me to make a phone call. This phone call changed my life. I met an amazing, wonderful, wise man, Father Bernie Tyrrell. Father B. a Gonzaga professor, emeritus Gonzaga University became my spiritual director. He has been my mentor for 21 years. God used this kind, humble man as his agent to change my life.

Gratitude is the single best tool to beat depression. For that matter, gratitude is the best tool to beat cancer. I know. I have beaten both depression and cancer.

A life living gratitude became my new goal in 1999. Writing in a journal 5 daily gratitudes became my first habit to perfect. Depression turned to gratitude. Gratitude produced energy, drive, enthusiasm, and hope!

After 11 years of faithfully practicing gratitude on November 5, 2010, my physician informed me I needed to have a CAT and bone scan immediately. The journey with cancer began… Here is the great news in this story. Far too many when hit by the baseball bat of cancer news go into depression. I have been there done that. I know how to get depressed and I know how to beat and stay out of depression.  

As we face a new world pandemic gratitude is once again the most important tool to win this war. For this reason, Jennifer Ferch, CEO of my beloved NBC Camps assigned each team member to write down, not five, but 25 gratitudes each workday.  

One way I have chosen to elevate my regard for gratitude is to expand its meaning in my conscience mind with the intent to drive it deep into my subconscious mind so that it becomes my DNA. I call this the Triple GGG Effect. Gracious Grateful Gratitude.

If my oncology doctors are correct telling me gratitude gives me a 15 to 20% better chance of beating cancer, then I encourage you. I ask you. I beg you, for your sake to practice gratitude much as you would practice for a sporting or musical career.


  • “Gratitude wins every time.”
  • “Hard work is what we do with these gifts of talent, size, and health.”
  • “Have you ever stopped to consider how often trust is a common daily experience? Each time I fly on an airplane, I trust the pilot… I eat a meal in a restaurant, I trust the chef. Each time I push the ignition button in my car, I trust it will start.”
  • “The sacred place is key. A sacred place is where you make it be. Some days, I light a candle. Some days, I go to the woods, a vast and private room.”
  • “This I do know. To live well, for me, to seize this very day — the first challenge is to win the moment. At this moment, I choose gratitude, thankfulness, joy, peace, patience, and love.”

For additional gratitude practice take a few moments to read about a wonderful American company that practices gratitude.

I am so grateful for Cornerstone Home Lending and blessed they are grateful for Words of Hope.