I became fascinated with climate and weather in 1965. For nearly 30 days the temperature hovered between 20 and 30 below zero in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Two years later Susie and I were suffering in 110 degree summer heat. Smog infested San Bernardino, California was our new home. Two interns from Alabama having lunch with us talked about the crazy weather. One said, “You can work all day here and never draw a sweat. Back home we would be soaking wet.”

No wonder years later in another new climate, Birmingham, Alabama I was enlightened when 88 year old Doctor Joseph King gave me his very best piece of advice; “you make your own weather.”

As I write these words, it is a magnificent day in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 80 degrees, blue skies, at the Sea of Cortez in all its grandeur.

However at home in Spokane the winds have exceeded 70 miles per hour, temperatures in low 20’s, several hundred thousand homes without electricity, and my daughter’s family is in a hotel. Yet the fact of the matter is we make our own weather. Today here in Cabo there are happy and sad people. Same for Spokane. Today is decision day once again. Do I serve self or others? Do I trust self or God? Do I believe who I think I am or do I believe who God says I am?

73 years on planet earth through rough life experience, I believe Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the essence of life. I choose to trust God to make my weather today because He gets me through all kinds of weather.