KEY STATEMENT.  To encourage someone is to give them oxygen. 12-year-old Bella Crowell Ferch gives us an education on what 6 graders are learning at the Oaks Classical Christian Academy. Bella delivers tons of oxygen to her Papa.

“Chreia” (from the Greek chreiodes,“useful”) is “a brief reminiscence referring to some person in a pithy form for the purpose of edification.” It takes the form of an anecdote that reports either a saying, an edifying action, or both.


The challenge to all parents and grandparents out there:

Know and understand that thoughts become words, words become goals, goals become acts, acts become habits, and habits become our destiny. 

Bella’s CHREIA is the reality of a dream that took seed in my thoughts in 1996. Susie and Fred became grandparents on December 19, 1996 – it was a joyous day. We have had four more of these joyous days as well. 

The dream:  Fred Crowell would be the most fun papa in the world.

I became a papa student. I studied the great papas. I imitated them. 

Thank you my Bella for bringing joy and honor to me. Your prayers have helped me beat cancer. Papa C is rich in your blessings.