1. The priceless feeling coaching a 15 year old team to win the 16 year old Asian Championship.

  2. Waking up each morning in China.

  3. Traveling on a train at over 300 kilometers per hour.

  4. 20 to 50 high rise apartment houses being built  in what seems to be 20 to 50 individual towers. Each apartment 1500 to 2000 square feet. In 18 months you have an entirely new district. They finish one entire floor in three days, with 200 workers per building.

  5. Every American should see and breath China smog. Los Ageless smog looks good to me now. I wear face mask everywhere. Why are US leaders so panicked about how the USA is destroying the rest of the world?  We may very well have the cleanest air among the leading countries of the world.

  6. Amazing Chinese people. We see many genuinely happy people among the wealthy, as well as the normal people trying to carve out a living.

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