Fall in love with children and you will be in love with life.

Find joy in children and you will always be joyful.

Play with children and you’ll always be playful.

Laugh with children and laughter will become easier for you.

Smile at a child and your face will smile most of the day.

Pretend you’re a child and you will never grow old.

Children, especially babies, have an incredible capacity to bring out kindness, happiness, big smiles, and sometimes baby talk.

If we could learn to treat each other like we treat a baby, we would have many more friends and far fewer enemies.

One of the many privileges that I have experienced in my life is the privilege of living in a kid’s world.

When I look into the youthful face of a child I forget how old my face looks.

When I shoot baskets with a young basketball player, I remember all the great moments basketball brought into my life.

When one of our summer athletes sends me a text, email, or letter expressing deep gratitude and appreciation, that makes me feel life is worth living and the hard work of the past was worth it all.

Children, we need them in our life. Children have a unique capacity to love us in ways an adult cannot.

Take for example six-year-old Isabella proclaiming, “Papa you have to live long enough to see my first baby born….. but you don’t have to see my second baby born.”

The room full of people erupt into laughter at Isabella’s declaration!

Fact is, Isabella has repeatedly encouraged and inspired me to fight and never quit, and to live each day to the max. This is what grandchildren expect from their grandmas and papas.

Do you want to be young again at heart?

This is a good goal because all of us can be young at heart every day of our life. It’s really quite simple.

Acting like a child is the perfect solution to being young again.

Three ways even beyond the “right here – right now”:

  1. Laugh – chuckle on purpose. Laugh out loud so you hear your laugh. Practice this until your laugh becomes natural and not acted.
  2. Act like a child for a few minutes – you choose the age. Great if you have a child. Practice acting like this child.
  3. Be delightful, be fun, celebrate what you do today as a child would be excited. It is not hard to do. Eliminate grumpiness.