The Roman poet, Horace, coined this phrase in a poem published in 23 BC.  The Crowell family was introduced to Carpe Diem in Robbin William’s excellent movie, “Dead Poet Society” in 1989.

Tragically, the remarkably gifted Williams was not able to seize the day in his personal life. I am amazed at the irony of being so talented at making others laugh but could not find ways to make himself laugh. I grieve for the loss of this great actor.

Though I am not a jewelry man, for the first time in my life, I wear a necklace.  The necklace is a one of a kind, artistic masterpiece. It is a gift from my son, Jay.  The oval handcrafted piece is made of silver. Eagle wings are attached to a sand clock. Careful inspection reveals these words, Carpe diem!

“Dead Poet Society” was a powerful presentation about making the absolute most of every day. My daughter Jennifer was 20 years old and my son Jay was 10 years old when we saw this movie. We have watched it many, many times. Carpe Diem has been a camp motto at NBC at various times. If we said, “Carpe diem” the students respond by saying, “Seize the day!”

Today, for me, is Carpe Diem. I don’t want to waste today. It is a gift. I have breath so I will breathe life today.

I ask myself, what can I do today to seize the day?

I could ask for perfect health. I could ask for any number of things but I know ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH. Unless I choose to seize the day with all my might, the gift of just “being” will escape into “doing” a bunch of activities.

Too much of my life I have spent being a  “human doing” and not a” human being.”  Candidly, I sense this might have been Robin William’s root of despair. How do you make one more great movie? How do you make more people laugh? How do you get more out of life? These questions may have plagued Robbin. Who knows?

This I do know: to live well, for me to seize this very day, the first challenge is to win the moment. At this moment I choose gratitude, thankfulness, joy, peace, patience, and love. Meaning and purpose is the essence of Carpe Diem.
Today I will live out my M/P which is to know God better today and to enjoy in more fully today.