Anacortes basketball boy becomes basketball old man in China.

Today is my first day in Beijing. My partner Mr. Lao Yang tells me we meet some “Big People” this morning. Then we take a fast train covering 300 kilometers in 3 hours.

Serious basketball teaching and coaching starts tomorrow.

As I sit here with a glass of water and coffee, I think back to the little house near the high school where I picked up a basketball at age four. I vividly remember trying to figure out how to toss the ball up at the seemingly 100 foot rim.

Looking back moves my heart to tears of joy. Why me Lord? Thank you Lord!

Living in the moment thrills me. I am in heaven. The table next to me has four folks using chopsticks with their food. Wow! They are good.

There is talk all around me. I don’t understand one word. Yet I understand smiles and happiness. I see life. It is good.

Looking forward I see endless possibilities. I see adventure. New people to encourage with Oxygen and acts of kindness.

Life is a gift. This trip to China is a gift. I treasure it. I treasure you, my readers.

It is pure gold when you take time to send me some of your oxygen/encouragement.

Let us encourage or stimulate one another to love and good deeds; for there is no greater right or privilege on planet earth, than to help another find joy, grace, mercy and peace.


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