JUDAS HANGS HIMSELF- a lesson in self-destruction. Matthew 27

Breaking news October 2015

Violent man guns down people in Oregon college. He hung others and himself with a gun!

Young, brilliant man full of life is hanging himself daily; heroin is his rope.

Daily a middle school child acts out to the point mom is in tears too often, and dad is beset with frustration.  Clearly not a life and  death issues.   Yet it is a form of hanging, joy, family harmony, and all that is good.

A lovely mother discovered the medical report was not correct. The new verdict is 18 months life expectancy. The dirty, thief named cancer, is a brutal noose hanging life from this woman.

Judas’ own words leap from the pages “I have sinned for I have betrayed an innocent man”.

Remarkably those who partnered with Him told Him, “THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS!”

So I ask Fred Crowell early this second day of October.

In what ways is your life being choked off from living love and light and life?  Knowing the Life Hangman has come to rob me, destroy me and ultimately kill me according to what Jesus said in John ‘s gospel

Yesterday at the NBC annual retreat in the self reflection session we were asked to identify 5 to 10 faults (sins). Then list the three biggest ones. Then ask a trusted other to pick the three they see in you.

Guess what Susie selected the same three as me.

In reality these three personal faults hang me. They rob me. Gone unchecked they destroy life. They destroy peace. The kill my dreams. They crush hope.

Today I face my faults. I choose to loosen the noose of self destructive thoughts and actions.

Furthermore, I choose to love people today. Too many are being hung by anger, hate, drugs.  You name it.

Win the moment. Breath life and live joy today.

Tough Words of Hope today Mr. Crowell.  Put on your big boy pants today and be a miracle. God is miraculous.