King Solomon said in Proverbs 27:17 that “Iron sharpens iron” and “a true friend sticks closer than a brother” in Proverbs 18:24. We become more efficient, we are refined as we sharpen each other. A great example was Jonathan loving David as his own soul (I Samuel 18:1).

Inside every boy is man. Inside every man is a boy. Boys and men are created to form the brotherhood relationship, a gift

It takes only minutes to make a friend. Brotherhood is forged over time and trials. However, friends and acquaintances come and go. Brotherhood lasts forever.

True brotherhood relations are stronger than biological brothers. It is extra special when sons of the same father have a brotherhood relationship.

Here is a photo of one of my brotherhood relationships. Sergio is my brother who is a chief administrator at the world-class Esperanza resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Another photo is of another brotherhood relationship, Mike Tauriainen and his lovely family from Soldotna, Alaska. Mike is a highly successful civil engineer. Many years ago, Mike walked into my basketball office at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and began the ensuing discussion: “Where’s the coach?” “I’m the coach.” “No, you are not.” “Why am I not the coach?” “You are too young!”

The cover photo is, in my opinion, of the richest and most blessed form of brotherhood: Father, son, grandson, who each call each other best friends.