Your tongue can speak over 130 words a minute. Your mind can think over 400 words per minute.

Recently a friend said to me, “Follow your heart and do what it tells you to do.”

This is exactly what I do not want to do. This philosophy of doing what your heart tells you to do is what is causing pain, heartache, betrayal, and scores of other tragedies in our world today.

Saint Paul and his powerful words to the Romans did not say, “I plead with you brothers and sisters to present your hearts as living sacrifices.”

No, to the contrary Paul said, “present your bodies as a living sacrifice.”

Never, never, ever, follow your heart unless your heart and your mind are in unison.

A man with a long history of doing the right thing said this to me. I never dreamed I would find myself in this situation!

Without specific details, the situation looked something like this. His heart was going in the wrong direction; he was breaking his moral code of truthfulness, fidelity, and doing the right thing.

The heart was at war with his mind and his mind was losing the battle. In the end, his heart won the battle and relationships were destroyed.

Candidly I cannot think of one example of LIFEBALL, (The game I call living a life to the maximum) that does not demand to make the body our first sacrifice, and secondly the mind, and last to follow our heart.

  • Love is a choice
  • Fidelity is a choice
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Attitude is a choice
  • Obedience is a choice
  • Addiction is a choice
  • Divorce is a choice
  • Serving others is a choice
  • Gratitude is a choice
  • Losing weight is a choice (ouch!)
  • Eating less and moving more is a choice!
  • Winning is a choice
  • Encouraging others is a choice

Tell me where I’m wrong. Tell me how the body is not the first step in making these choices.

If you say the mind is the first, my counter is that it doesn’t matter what your mindset is if the body doesn’t follow through and do what your mind is thinking, because if you don’t do it you don’t know it.

Take any one of the choices listed above and do the following:

  1. Dedicate your body to the choice
  2. Conform your mind to the choice
  3. Let your heart be carried by your body. Follow the path your informed mind has chosen, and eventually, you will come to the realization of your choice.