RELATIONSHIPS a gift in life

1)  Show how much you care about acquaintances, friends, and family.

2)  Talk positively; the way you talk is the way you act.

3)  Pray; talking with God will show your heart is unique and pretty.

SELF-IMAGEa mental picture of your life

1)  Accept yourself; do not make excuses.

2)  Build identity on what you think, not on what someone else thinks — others do not deserve that power.

3)  Most importantly, base your worth on what God says and thank Him.

DISCIPLINEa tool to solve life problems

1.  Delay personal gratification.

2.  Keep life in balance without going to extremes.

3.  Assume total responsibility for your actions.

These are action principles sent to us by a great coach at our Oregon NBC Basketball Camps.  He said he was taught these July 19, 1993 — 28 years ago!  

This confirms valuable Biblical truths do not age!  The Bible has much to say about relationships with others, ourselves and our actions. Check it out!