Wise people do not forget those who have gone before and made our lives richer, better, happier, and safer. Foolish people do not honor those who have gone before, doing much to make lives more free, safe, happier, and with more opportunity. 

Which one are you? The wise or the foolish? Becoming a wise person is easy, but a constant pursuit. Remaining foolish demands nothing from us.

How to become wise?

  • First become humble, even admit the possibility of being foolish; acknowledge that, “I am not altogether all the time.” 
  • Second, seek wisdom; hunger, and thirst for wisdom.
  • Third, discover the true source of wisdom. This is a treasure. Where is it? For me, I have found it in Jesus Christ, the visible expression of the invisible God; He Who knew no sin became sin for me that I might become righteous and holy in His sight.

Today, if we forget the sacrifices men and women (even children) have made in years past, I consider it foolishness. Why not be grateful for the liberty we have in America? Many have given their lives since the American Revolution for our USA freedom and our cultural melting pot for people from all over the world. When young people know nothing about the wars America has fought and won, in my opinion, it is pure foolishness.

Great wisdom is taking time today to remember those who served with much peril, and those who even died, that we might have a freedom day… today and every day. It also gives us hope for tomorrow.

On this Memorial Day, I remember with gratitude those real heroes. I will spend time at my 5000-pound stone and 25-foot flag. I will commemorate the USA’s men of valor and salute them.