In the wee hours of this morning, it seemed crystal clear the challenge before me is to be strong & brave.

I expected Matthew 14 to have a teaching point for me on forgiveness.

Not so! Instead, the focus was on having courage, and not fear.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing this chapter my way today.

Important principles to live out starting anew today:

  1. When tragedy strikes, get alone and be with God. John the Baptist was beheaded. When John’s cousin Jesus heard the news, he departed to be alone.
  2. Get busy after being alone with God. Jesus performed spectacular miracles.
  3. Why get busy? Jesus told his followers, “DON’T BE AFRAID. TAKE COURAGE. I AM HERE.”

I’m so thankful for my heroes who have gotten busy when tragedy hit them!

I’m so thankful God is faithful and He says, “I AM HERE.”

I’m so thankful God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind.

Here I am Lord send me today to encourage others.