LIVE spelled backwards comes out EVIL.

It is my belief that anything that robs us of life is evil. Sin is called missing the mark. To be alive, yet not actively live, is missing the mark.

Life is so much like the recent Cleveland – Golden State basketball game. Challenge, struggle, hard work, ups, downs, and finally a climatic finish. One team wins and one team loses.

The winners shed tears of joy; the losers were heartsick. I see the same emotions at the oncology clinics. I see these same emotions all too often as we try to be alive as we live in the daily grind.

In basketball terms, “love the grind” is an important concept to grasp if you want to win. It is true for life as well. Love the grind of living and you will succeed.

Just being alive, on a consciousness level is a big and important step in being truly alive; which is so much better than just existing.

Embrace the daily grind, be thankful for each breath, delight in body motion and encourage every person you meet today.

I can tell you kindness is good medicine. Being alive is a conscious choice! It makes the grind meaningful and purposeful. M/P (Meaning and Purpose) brings joy and satisfaction.