Military battles, sports, and music competitions all demand mind management and self-regulation skill training and development. It is said that elite, world-class stars in sports or the arts practice more than 10,000 hours. Soldiers also endure much practice.

Yet, every bit as hard as any war or competition, the skills to master LIFE BALL is harder. These are skills to beat anxiety, fear, failure, and depression. Conversely, they are skills to have confidence, courage, faith, and hope.

Winning LIFE BALL before live spectators is like hitting a 95-mph fastball, returning a 140-mph tennis serve, scoring from a golf sand trap, or performing on stage before a standing-room-only audience.

To win, please be aware there are FOUR ENEMIES that cripple success. They ruin a teen of his real freedom. Do you want to know what these FOUR ZERO-TOLERANCE NO’S are?


  • No alcohol until legal age, and even when of age alcohol it is to be limited. Physically, the young brain is not ready for its use.
  • No illegal drugs. This addictive substance often begins with cigarettes, then marijuana, and stronger drugs; they can ruin the brain.
  • No sex until marriage; no immoral behavior. Having a pure mind is wonderful preparation for marriage and a way to honor your future spouse as to what marriage is about.
  • No addiction to electronics, incessant hours on video games, social media, or cell phone pornography. They can be deadly. Saying NO begins with volunteering to have a trusted mentor inspect your cell phone at any time.

My hope is we make the right choice. So much depends on this decision. It costs heavily to live a holy and just life. It costs much more to live a life of self-inflicted pain. This is the best life reminder I can give you. We have the freedom of choice to present our bodies as living sacrifices, not damaged or dead, to the holy and living Heavenly Father.