Hello All Friends of Daily Words of Hope with Fred Crowell

The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to set a goal to learn, grow, and master EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills.

EQ is the relatively new science, and my goal during this study of emotional intelligence will be to equip you with 21 life skill tools. Science now proves EQ skills like positive attitude, gratitude, the ability to laugh easily and often, controlling anger, along with many others are good for one’s overall health as we all as our professional success in life.

Why not devote a month to learn, grow, and master some of the essential EQ skills? The process begins with a decision!

The decision is to make a conscious choice to think about EQ each day; baby steps not giant leaps. Typically the average person spends 95% of their day acting out from their subconscious mind from habits formed from birth till now. The challenge here is to take 5% of our daily routine and elevate our programmed thinking into a higher level of processing our thoughts on the conscious level.

This means we set aside specific time to practice EQ skills; one EQ skill per day. 5% of the 24 hours we are given each day is 90 minutes. Can you afford 5% of your day to consciously reflect on your own EQ skill set?  

The Crowell EQ Game Plan:

Monday – Friday: A new Crowell EQ skill will be presented.

Saturday: Will be a review and reflection of the past five days.

Sunday: Will be a rest day with the Crowell WOH focusing on our Secret Garden.

I challenge you to consider taking 5% of 21 days to reap the rewards of this proven science.