My family, especially daughter Jennifer, delights when I am excited over surprises, no matter the size.

A small surprise came yesterday, although it was tear-moving. It was a much-appreciated message from a loved and respected friend of 25 years.

Then one grand surprise is an annual event Jennifer plans for me. It is a secret trip for her Papa, knowing the pleasure I receive from the family being together for several days. Often, a trip is set up with false clues to confuse me–and they do! Jumping into the car together and going to some undiscovered destination proves my family has tricked me again. What fun!

As I write this Word of Hope on a full-moon morning, I am reminded there are three steps to live effectively: Know, Understand, Do. To reach the final step, you must take the first two steps. Today, as you know and understand small and grand surprises, will you take the final step with me the next six months and be full of “doing” small and grand surprises of love and joy for others?

After all, despite the pandemic change of life, God still covers us with His golden touch, His refuge. Look for His surprises of grace! He promises to “drop down dew” from His heavens (Deuteronomy 33:28) as we are covered by Him and His care all day long (Deuteronomy 33:12).