Every life form is starving for a drop of encouragement.

Some examples:

  • The cactus in Arizona cries for just one drop of moisture. 
  • The house dog begs with his eyes for the master’s touch or a gentle word. 
  • The cats demand attention but on their own terms. When they don’t get encouragement, they get mischievous!
  • The inner city kid joins a gang to hear, “You belong here.”
  • The parent cooks a great meal; words of gratitude make the food taste better. The cook is blessed.
  • The seriously ill are greeted with a generous smile at the oncology clinic. The cancer seems a tiny bit more tolerable. 
  • Sons and daughters, when little kids, yell, “Watch me daddy!” When they are teens they don’t yell this anymore. They act out. Too often in self-destructive behavior. 

Fred Crowell gets an email of uncommon kindness and he wants to climb new mountains backwards. 

Please read this email from my friend, Peter. We met at NBC Volleyball Camp In 1982. Peter is a remarkable teacher at the famous Punahou School, Honolulu. Former volleyball star and coach of about 12 state championships, yet an even better husband and father. I wish everyone had a person like Peter Balding in their life.

Hi Fred,

I can picture you in lazy Lahaina town. That’s great. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for caring for others and showing many of us how to live. We all need people like you in our lives. Life is difficult and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being truthful. 

I love you brother and wish you all the best today.

How blue is the ocean? Can you smell the ocean? See the light dance off the waves? God created that body of water and all that lives in it. It is a source of much healing gratitude. Enjoy all that it has to offer.

– Peter

There are risks in writing or speaking in personal terms. One potential downside is the danger of self-promotion and turning people off. 

Today I take this risk because you and I have the need for encouragement. The God of all Creation designed us to receive encouragement.

Encouragement is food. Encouragement is oxygen. Encouragement is water.

Encouragement is courage. Courage is our fight factor.

Peter Balding poured courage into Fred Crowell. Where is my new mountain? I need it because I want to climb today

If you need a dose of encouragement do the following. 

Read WOH Secret Garden

Read Myelin Protects Hope

Send a Peter like email or better yet, a letter to someone you know who could use some of your encouragement. 

Guaranteed truth: Giver gets more than the getter. Be a generous giver today.