You must build hope, for the day will come when it is desperately needed!

Myelin is a coating that covers your circulatory neurons. Every time you perform a skill, you are creating myelin. Electricity travels across those neurons and how fast electricity travels depends on how much myelin you have. The more talent you have the more myelin you have. Great athletes, Olympians, and musicians will have more myelin that is created over time. These people aren’t born with their talent. 

It’s worth saying over and over until it becomes part of the fabric of your life; consolation and desolation are one phone call away from each of us. 

The cell phone buzzes, the caller says, “You have won the $1 million lottery!”

Consolation soars and your joy factor is off the chart. 

The cell phone call comes, “The news is not good.”

Desolation sweeps upon you like coastal fog. Your Hope anchor gets tested. 

Growing hope became vital, a had too, it was critical. The difference between living in a fog and abounding in the sunshine when desolation ripped our home when cancer came in 2010.

Here is how I helped hope grow in me:

  • Cultivate my “want to” factor! Dream of ways to grow hope. 
  • Bring hope from the emotional part of my life to the intellectual part of my life. 

Pray, hope. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open. These are the Lord’s promises. Ask the Lord for hope.

Live hope. Act hope. Speak hope.

Gratitude is the king of hope.

P.S. Soon after completing this WOH a friend emailed, “My 81-year-old mother was in an auto accident. An 86 year old hit her car. I resigned from my job and am moving to take care of her.”

Thankful this special friend has tons of hope built through the myelin of hard work, a life lived with gratitude and relentless faith in the Author of Our Faith.