A human flaw is our overpowered magnetic attraction to negativity. Negative people disrupt and influence us more easily than positive people and the beautiful energy force we receive from them.

Why is this?  

Following the Crowell 80-20 rule, 20% are going to love and respect us while an equal percentage will dislike us and never be satisfied with us. It is impossible to please them.

The middle 60% could take or leave us.

They really don’t think much about us, until we have something they want.

At each NBC Camp, the campers rate their experience.  

The average score for a summer is usually between a 4.4 to a 4.6, I estimate.

For many years Mrs. Tucker would go through the file of complaints: most were about getting a refund when their child did not come to camp. Typically there would be less than 200 complaints.  

Yet to us, the sky had fallen. “What have we done wrong?” We would ask ourselves.

The healthy thing to do when the bottom 20%, the miners of negativity, bash us with their worm tongues (see WOH July 11) is to pause, listen and ask, “Whose problem is this really?”

Secondly, we can help solve their issue knowing they need to be appreciated and respected. These folks live in the land of the shallow grave and need a hand to lift them up.

Third, we pray for them; if it turns out we too are a bottom feeder, we qualify for help too, as we apply grace to others we receive it in turn.

The grace and love of Abba Father becomes our hope and foundation.