Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, and habits become your destiny.

I remember so clearly an experience in the early years of marriage. After enjoying a fabulous dinner Susie prepared, I was lying on the couch. Susie asked me to do a small task. I feebly replied, “I’m too tired.”

Soon thereafter the phone rang. A buddy wanted to play handball. I couldn’t say, “Yes” fast enough.

The handball competition was fierce. At one point each of us took a total minute out to rest. It was fun, hard work.

Later that evening, guilt began its work in me. Here I was too tired to do a simple job to help Susie but not too tired to do something I had a great attitude about.

Recently I wrote about Disneyland and Livingland. I stated that my research estimated 75% of the people at the Happiest Place on Earth were not that happy.

After 3 days at 90 degree plus temperature and body to body crowds, I think 90% were working hard and paying for the experience.

If each of us had to work hard at Disneyland as our day jobs and pay for the experience, our attitudes would be terrible.

So what is my point? Life is all about Attitude. Right thoughts, positive words, productive action steps form amazing habits.   

Livingland is where I want to live.  At our best, we experience ease and grace.  

Frustration gives way to curiosity.

Bitterness changes to a sweet spirit.

Grumpiness turns to laughter.

Love delights in all of life from the pretty flower to blue skies and serving others.

Attitude is King.