Behavior is the result of a person’s beliefs. In my early years coaching basketball and counseling families, it became clear to me the most important key to effective education is knowing this principle: If you wish to change your life, you must change your thinking

A common error in teaching is placing the focus on behavior and not belief. Too often the correction trifecta educational phase receives the most attention (whether by parents, coaches, business leaders, or classroom teachers).

At NBC Camps, TEC is the preferred method of educating youth. This is teaching by leading (not telling) through lifestyle; it has to be your own first. Then encouragement should be at least 10 times per 1 criticism. Finally, correction, focusing on attitude, not the act, is the last aspect. 

Again, let me repeat: YOUR BELIEFS DICTATE YOUR BEHAVIOR. If this is true, then it makes perfect sense what I believe is the key to how I behave. Here are some real examples: 

  • A 9-year-old boy dislikes school. Teachers and parents attempt to encourage him with logic. You must learn so you can grow up and be successful; if you do your work, then you can play. Ironically, this emphasizes behavior modification first. In my opinion, this boy will dislike school his entire life until he changes his belief system about school. This will be demonstrated when he asks his mother if they can go inside to do his math homework.
  • A 17-year-old young lady decides to take Calculus II, knowing it will better prepare her for college. However, her first attempt landed her a C+; after she changed her belief system, she conquered the course with an A.
  • A college basketball player decides the only way to resolve his sadness is to take his life. His mother lived a life of chronic depression, which became this boy’s belief system. He changed dramatically when he changed his belief about his world and himself.

In each of these 3 examples, it was my privilege to play the role of teacher/coach/counselor. As my guiding premise, I used belief system dictates behavior. Each person had to change their belief from “I am stupid” to “I can because I am God-gifted and accept the challenge.”

This Words of Hope is dear to my heart and could fill several days of challenging content because of its importance to me. We can all master our positive belief system through examination first and then choosing to let that belief system control our behavior. Not vice versa. Then we can have a vital impact on others also. 

As I am personally in the winter season of my life, my final chapters, I seek to love Abba Father with all that I am and also love people deeply. These Words of Hope are prayers that others can, and will, put into action what speaks to them. If this is true for you, please send me an email so we can relate. Please email:

Finally, go after what lasts for all eternity – the glory of the Lord. He is my security, identity, stability, protection, and therefore my hub, my fulcrum. I am His precious child.