You are a miracle IF you Believe it! 

Hebrews Chapter 11 is called the faith chapter. It is a detailed account about the life of the saints who have gone before us and have demonstrated a life of faith. One of the key ideas of the chapter is that without faith it is impossible to please God.

As I was taking my interior journey this morning, I discovered a new concept. At least, for me it is new. For 20 years I have been consistently saying to people, “I know something about you; you are a miracle!” 

Reality hit me! We are a miracle only if we believe we are a miracle. 

Repeatedly in the Bible God calls us his miracle. This is a fact. God speaks truth. He cannot lie. 

People may tell us we are miracles. This may be their reality. Unlike God, people don’t always tell the truth. 

Until we personally believe we are miracles, the benefit of being a miracle cannot be experienced. Take an airplane as an example: you must get on the plane to experience the benefits to you the airplane provides.

I believe that immeasurable joy comes from telling others that they are miracles and seeing them become this miracle. 

The one person in my life who has believed that I’m a miracle more than any other is Susie, my wife. One of my many hopes is that my children would always remember they are miracles in my eyes.

Action point for today if we want to win the moment: 

Believe what God says about us; we are his miracle. 

Live like a miracle today. 

See the miracle in every person you meet today, and if appropriate, tell them they are miracles. 


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