Words of Hope: Systemic Love  

At the core of all systems of love is listening, mutual respect, serving others, repentance, gratitude, and joy. Health looks complete from top to bottom and bottom to top. Parents ask forgiveness of their children and admit wrong, take responsibility, and bring peace. There is nothing dangerously secret or hidden, there is no power that dominates or silences another.  

Children love and serve their parents out of gratitude and generosity of spirit. They honor their parents with their words and hearts because love reigns. There is no need for bitterness because love is what resolves conflicts and stays present.  

This home of love and light emerges as each person in obedience, grace and surrender listens deeply to the voice and call of God. This is daily. This is autonomous rather than perfunctory. This is a sacred place that draws us into greater love for God and others.  

This systemic love is found in our hearts, mind, and words.  

I can tell if I am walking in this truth when my thoughts are full of gratitude instead of complaint or judgment.  

I can tell I am in the system of love when I am quick to ask for forgiveness when my family tells me something that interrupts our love together. Instead of doubling down to defend my point, I welcome and receive what they say because I know it will bring us closer to love.  

 A system of love brings unity, peace, and infinite delight.  
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. – Romans 12:10