Words of Hope: Miracle of Grace

My husband Shann and I watched a modern-day movie fable attempting to show the calamity of friendships and families that lead to war. One of the main characters literally maims his hand in protest of another friend’s inability to respect his boundaries. This tale darkly told was sobering to watch.  

Shann and I considered difficult relationships that lead to hatred, war, and genocide as witnessed throughout history. The age-old challenge to love our brother. 

One of the common phrases I say, probably ad nauseum at the NBC office is, “What does health look like?” It is so easy to see what is not working, what is ill health, what is problematic but difficult to find the tools to move toxicity to health, bitterness to forgiveness, and blame to self-responsibility.  

The church historically is no better at this. The movie was filmed in Ireland, a direct moral lesson of Protestants and Catholics killing each other.  

Both my parents came from homes of fracture and division, where it is so easy for brother to be divided against brother. Shann’s family came from the fracture of husband against wife. Why did the love of God transform our homes?  

Why did Shann’s parents remarry? How did Mom and Dad create a home where I adore my brother and he adores me? It’s something to ponder with great reverence and awe, these miracles of grace which deserve my deepest gratitude. 

You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. – Psalm 77:14