Words of Hope: Creative Learning

When I was young, Dad would make devotional times meaningful. He would grab plain white paper and put color crayons, markers, and highlighters on the table. Then he would give us a passage of scripture to read or listen to, and then we would color pictures and images of the story we wanted to remember or apply to our lives. We would draw together at the table. There would be music playing softly. We would have good snacks and drinks. It felt like a party as a kid. These times were fun and always engaging. I remember looking forward to family devotional time with happiness. Dad kept the experience alive with his joy for learning. 

Dad and Mom read to me every night. We would read from Character Sketches with beautiful illustrations of animals in nature that tied to a principle or lesson in the Bible. My favorite books were the Arch books that illustrated stories of the Bible and told the story often in rhyme. 

Dad and Mom loved to teach, and they were great because they loved to learn. They knew how to choose interesting and engaging methods to keep learning alive. I am thankful to be in a home like this. Energy is a barometer of health. My Dad always had his pulse on the energy of love for God in our home. He made sure the pulse was alive and vital through his own vitality and through looking at this process through the lens of a child. Perspective, engagement, joy, delight, creativity, discovery—these are the foundations of great teaching.

 “Study to show yourselves approved, a workman who needs not be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15