“God’s best gift to man”

Careful study of Genesis 1 & 2 brings us to an obvious conclusion that God’s ultimate, most lovely gift to man is a woman.

Think about it! When man saw woman he said, “At last!”

When a man meets the woman of his life, I think he is thinking, “At last!”   Someone said, “Getting married is like swallowing the sun; divorce is like vomiting the sun.”

Clearly there is a no more graphic simile to describe marriage and divorce. The joy of saying, “I do,” and the pain of saying, “I quit,” are extreme opposites on the scale of human emotion.

Women have been on my mind this past week constantly. Susie and I celebrated 53 years together. I was asked the key. There are many keys. My first thought was, marry the right woman!

I owe it to my mom. Kathleen Mitchell Crowell. Mom modeled the right kind of woman to be married to. Over the last 53 years, more than a thousand college algebra students have spent nights in our home. Countless young men have said, “When I get married, I want one like Susie Crowell.”

Thanks mom for being my hero during those childhood years when I was learning to become a man.

The second reason women have been on my mind, the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed NBC Camps with so many young ladies. I marvel at how hard they work to get better in basketball. I delight in how they smile when given encouragement which is like oxygen to the brain.   

Oh what a terrible thing it would be if women were not here with us. Women are God’s ultimate gift to man. Let’s treasure this gift.

Read Genesis for yourself. MY hope for you is you can say “At last“; then treat all women with the same respect that you expect.