Here I sit in my easy chair, at 4 AM, wondering about life. How is it possible, so many diverse thoughts roam through my brain like a river flowing over rocks? Some of these thoughts appear to be dark thoughts. However, in reality, they are bright lights to indicate what is happening in society. In most instances, there is a life fix.

Suicide angers me because nearly every relative of a case person says he never saw it coming. Why didn’t they see it coming? I bet they didn’t ask questions of this person on a regular basis. For instance: “How do you feel? What is bringing you joy? What is discouraging you? Are you thinking of any negative thoughts that could become a club in your life?”

Let’s honestly answer this question: Are we just stupid, or do we just not want to take time to sort what is most important in life? Maybe sincerely answering this question will reveal if we are stupid or genuinely just don’t care. There is a big difference. If we really care (and are not dumb), we can do something about it. It will negate the excuses of: “I don’t know” or “I didn’t take the time or plan right,” or “I didn’t say I love you when I should have expressed it.”

Honestly, I am tired of hearing these responses of: “I’m too busy” or “I didn’t have enough time” or “I wish I would have said goodbye to the loved one but I never thought they would die so quickly” or “I wish I would have made that phone call or written that letter.”

So, how about now taking the next 5 minutes to do one of those “I wish” desires. You will be glad you did!