TRAINING TO WIN is far superior to trying to win. Trying is not sufficient. We fail because we don’t train. Trying is not enough. The world is full of people who tried, and many who tried too hard and too long.

Trying to do something great without steadfast planned training often brings disappointment, frustration, and failure. Trying is a spontaneous exertion of energy. Conversely, training is a precise, disciplined exertion of a controlled and consistent action. Trying does not demand discipline nor does it reveal wisdom.

However, training demands both discipline and wisdom. To exude the manifold grace and spiritual gift of wisdom, the non-negotiable requirement is discipline. When a decision is made to use discipline to train for wisdom (not just trying to be wise), then everything changes. You are acutely aware of the importance of wisdom. What are the changes?

  • You begin to hunger and thirst for wisdom, being aware that you are lacking wisdom. 
  • You begin to train to increase your wisdom factor.
  • You begin to open your conscious mind to think wise thoughts and actions.
  • You begin to seek out wise people in decision-making.
  • You begin to pursue with daily consistency the Book that makes the simple wise.
  • You begin to experience a changed perspective, value, attitude, and desire.

When you TRAIN TO WIN, life opens up in ways you never thought possible. Train to be wise! Please join me in this journey. Each Wednesday I hope to share a wisdom nugget with you to add to your wisdom training.