Laughter heals the body
Laughter reduces anger
Laughter elevates hope
Laughter is fun
Laughter is caught, not taught
Laughter is unique to each
Laughter is contagious 
Laughter is social happiness
Laughter lowers blood pressure 
Laughter is living life
Laughter is PMA (+mental attitude)
Laughter makes good friends
Laughter promoted wisdom 

Three ways to grow laughter:

  1. Practice laughing with an intentional focus
  2. Hang out with laughter 
  3. Write five gratitudes daily

A great basketball coach told me, “in my 30-year coaching career, I tried to create one great “belly laugh” with my team every practice.”

Coach Crowell Game Plan for you, my dear forever friend. 

  1. Laugh out loud for two minutes. Fake it if you must. 
  2. Plan one “belly laugh” with others at least one time this week. 
  3. Be grateful- write five gratitudes every day.