“That was a fluke!”  When someone said that, did you believe them?  Was it a freak course of nature?  Yet, winning is never pure luck or accidental.   Rather, winning is learned behavior. It is a logical, organized system consisting of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, grit and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Never in American history have youth been less equipped to win. Our youth have not been primed to fight back when rock bottom adversity hits.

And, how many times have you heard the following comments?

“My team doesn’t know how to win.”

“My child is not focused or motivated.”

“I spend too much time motivating my employees.”

“There were no indications he/she was depressed. This was the last person I thought this would happen to.”

We must train youth to win! This means training girls to be women of noble ambition, loyalty, kindhearted beauty, and character; and training boys to be men of valor, integrity, courage and leaders of excellence.

In one way, winning is like the universe. Both are systems. Compared to the universe, winning is microscopic in simplicity; yet both are fascinating and a lifetime intellectual pursuit.

Show me a winner, and I will show you someone who loves the challenge of giving 110%.  Don’t you love these acquired characteristics of the know-how-to-win winner:

The difficult becomes “un-difficult.”

Failure is no longer dreaded.

A heartbreaking loss becomes a stepping stone to the next win.

A fragmented marriage no longer needs to be a ruined marriage.

A brutally challenging childhood is overcome.

A cancerous body doesn’t gain the victory.

There is always a way to win regardless of the circumstances.

If we can win the second, we win the minute; if we can win the minute, we can win the hour; if we can win the hour, we can win the day; if we can win the day, we can win the week; if we can win the week, we can win the month; if we can win the month, we can win the year.  Plan, prepare, expect, execute.

Winning is a choice.  Everyone is a potential winner, the choice is to master the winning skills and be ready for life when adversity hits hard!  Is your life skills box full of the winning tools?