An elementary teacher was talking about the subject of good and bad guys. One little boy raised his hand: “Teacher, who are the good guys?

This is a wise question! I wonder how the boy would have answered his question!

Perhaps there are many others wondering what the answer is. Based on your life experience, how do you know who are the good guys? Is there a logical way to know who the good guys are? 

My hunger and thirst to have wisdom based on knowledge and understanding has inspired me to take a deep dive into the challenge of this answer. I have discovered five presuppositions:

  1. Every newborn child is born with the gift of free will; all can choose to do good or bad things.
  2. The daily battle is to do what is right and not do what is wrong.
  3. All humans do both good and bad things.
  4. Good guys do bad things occasionally but seek forgiveness and repair with the intent to love and honor people.
  5. Bad guys do bad things repeatedly but do not seek forgiveness and repair because they have chosen this path.

Do you agree?

Based on these presuppositions, there are two concepts evident in the lives of good and bad guys.

  • Good guys do two things very well: They exhibit positive lives with proven track record (PTR) over time; this means watch their walk not just their talk. They also demonstrate a life worthy of being imitated (WOBI); if what they do is not something they want others to imitate, they stop doing it.
  • Conversely, bad guys do two things very well: They live negative lives with unproven track records; their walk does not match their talk. They also are not worthy of being imitated; they cannot tell others to do as they do.

Scripture reinforces these commendable concepts even further with personal examples. However, you cannot be like Jesus Christ without Jesus Christ. This is true Christianity. The rest of morality can be imitated. 

When we have been redeemed and received God’s forgiveness, we have been transferred from the dark domain into the light of God’s Son’s kingdom. This is a new life, a renovation, a part of the real good guys. We can then walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, anticipating His every wisdom. This is the highest human honor possible!