For a father I’m not sure many joys surpass the privilege of having children becoming lovely, healthy, successful parents.

One of Crowell’s teaching principles is, “A son should become twice as smart as his Dad. Knowing everything his Father knows plus everything he knows, makes him twice as smart.”

Not long ago the only male on earth who calls me dad sent me a great nugget, a valuable piece of information that makes you better for life, “What you appreciate appreciates.” Another way to say it would be, “what you cheris becomes more valuable over time.”

Reminds me of a counseling technique I often used to help save troubled marriages.

For a designated time period each partner was challenged to take the Crowell Marriage Mini Play. Both wife and husband pretended to be in a two act play. Their role was to pretend they were in love exactly like their courtship days. Usually the pretend play was for 3 days. During this time period zero criticism was allowed, and just positives were expressed.

Too often I could only get a single day commitment.  Yet as these couples focused on appreciating their partner an amazing thing took place. The major issues became less pronounced. Love returned. Appreciation grew.

Love is in the eye of the beholder.

This moment I choose to receive God’s appreciation for me so that I can grow in my appreciation for life people and my Lord.

Thank you Jay Crowell for being iron in my life. I appreciate you beyond appreciation.