Thank you may be the most forgotten phrase in all mankind! Is the loss of a couple seconds of our time worth not expressing thanks?

What is thankfulness? 

  • It is a way of fully acknowledging the other person.
  • It is positive, finding the good side of a person.
  • It is appreciation. 
  • It changes the perspective from self to others.
  • It elevates another while humbling self. 
  • It accepts compliments with grace.
  • It recognizes and enjoys the good qualities of someone.
  • It passes on a feeling you had when someone appreciated you.
  • It eliminates complaining, bitterness, entitlement, covetousness.

To begin, try writing five gratitudes first in a gratitude journal and then five short thank-yous to people at the end of a day. Imagine what the world would be like if every human being did this! It could even become a lifestyle!