As I inspire myself to love and good deeds, I realize I need to give more thoughtful attention and continuous care to watching over others. I need to study how I may stir up others to helpful deeds, noble activities, and outbursts of self-sacrificial love. For me, this means a genuine, tender concern for others, knowing their wants, weaknesses, temptations, tender spots.

At times, I need to stimulate or sharpen myself to incite or rouse another to love and good deeds. This mind intensification may be a literal spurring on, so the other person will respond with affections and service. When I see this revived affection and service, I know the spurring on is profitable.

Have you ever been a passenger in a car late at night with someone else being the driver? Perhaps you noticed that driver beginning to nod off. I bet you stimulated that person. Probably not with a whisper! Probably with somewhat vigorous arousal to prevent a car crash. This action is the same seriousness of lovingly exciting another to good works, stimulating. Undoubtedly, it also saves his life.

The story is told of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Born into a German musical family, he spent hours practicing his music at a young age. By his teens, he had conducted an orchestra and went to Vienna for further study. Early one evening, while out walking, he passed a cottage and heard one of his compositions being played on the piano. He also overheard the girl say she would like to listen to the composer play the piece as he planned it. So, Beethoven knocked on the door, entered the house, and discovered the girl was blind. He offered to play the piano and did so for over an hour into the evening. The only candle in the room went out, but moonlight glistened in the room. The creative, inspirational playing for the blind girl became the beloved “Moonlight Sonata.” This good deed of sharing with a blind girl has now lived on forever through Beethoven’s composition.

So SHINE ON! You will never know the legacy of your good works and encouragement. Questions:

  1. Who have you encouraged today?
  2. Who has encouraged you?