This 3000 mile wall is for real! It kept China safe for centuries. Impressive in both length and height.

Even more sensational, it was built on jagged mountain ranges.

Considering strong hands, sturdy legs and powerful backs carried large stones by the millions to extremely difficult locations defies comprehension.

As big and strong as the Great China Wall is, the imaginary walls people can build (one word at a time), to keep them safe are just as real.

Essentially walls have two functions. Keep stuff out. Keep stuff in.

The Great China Wall is a man made wonder. It stands today as a symbol of man’s incredible gifting from a supernatural power.

If you asked me which fascinates me more:

The Great China Wall or the wall that can exist between families members, so deep, long and wide that there is total and complete separation.

The Great China Wall or two political candidates hammering each other word after word until the wall is so big and strong followers of one candidate cannot tolerate the other side’s followers.

Or how about this one?

The GCW (Good Christian Woman) or the teenager who is insolent to instruction. Their walls shouting loudly, “Keep your stuff out and know I am keeping my stuff in!”

In all three examples I chose people walls.

We are either building walls or tearing them down. We are taking people in, or keeping people out of our lives.

Wisdom is knowing who to take in and who to keep out.

Wisdom is Gods gift. Jesus walled off Satan. The Word is our WALL. In the beginning was the Word and it was with God and the Word was God and the Word became flesh.

In essence Jesus Christ is not only my Wall but He is my high tower, He is my rock, He brings wonderful people into my life and keeps negative people away.

One last thing about walls. There must be entrances and exits. Without these, walls become prisons. Without doors to our minds and hearts, we become frozen in time and in relationships.

The Great Wall of China is a powerful example of the need for careful construction of our personal entries and exits that protect us from destructive forces, from invasion and ensure what we treasure is not stolen.

Pure character qualities like the fruits of the spirt must be walled in, or they will be invaded and stolen; much like my newly planted Dogwood Tree. A hungry foe invaded my unprotected garden.

Fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faith and self control.

Hall of fame Scripture instruction principle, “Guard your heart for from the springs of life” is crystal clear mentorship for wall building.

For a deeper read on the important of the Wall, read the book of Nehemiah.

Too often children come to NBC Camps void of parental instruction on Wall building. Often I wonder why children are not taught the skill of Wall building.

Do you have ideas?


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