The idea of walking with 360-degree vision seems absurd, yet this is a Biblical challenge.

Dr. Thomas Jones told 120 truly good kids at an NBC-Alaska basketball camp there are three ways to listen.

  • SELECTIVE LISTENING: This means listening to what you want to listen to–no more and no less.
  • PRETEND LISTENING: You appear to be listening, but your mind is miles away.
  • FOCUSED LISTENING: This is being right here, right now; listening with the intent to take positive action.

Focused listening demands the engagement of the five senses.

  1. The eyes are alert to see, searching for information like a hawk to give to the mind.
  2. The body is keen to the sensation of touch, sensing what it is feeling and listening to messages for fear, anger, anxiety, peace.
  3. The ears hear more than cell phone conversations; they hear the chirp of a bird, a broken branch underneath a person’s foot, or an insightful talk or lecture. In addition, silence is gold to the one who is aware of its meaning.
  4. The mouth tastes the air, yet can speak softly and slowly with gratitude and kindness.
  5. The nose gently smells by pulling oxygen into the lungs and expelling carbon oxide from the lungs. Smell can also save lives from a burning room or spilled oil from a stove.

The five senses are God’s creative gifts given to us to use or abuse. This is our choice. With these senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell in unison, we can engage in focused listening. This is walking circumspectly — purposefully, worthily, accurately, diligently, cautiously, prudently, watchfully.

The added 6th dimension for our well-being is WISDOM. Solomon told us that the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning and principal part of knowledge, skillful instruction and discipline. Then we can walk circumspectly, commanding focused listening with our five senses.