In today’s culture, we are virtually helpless to operate successfully without proper identification. ID’s and passwords have the potential to control our lives. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples where either a driver’s license, passport or credit card is needed.

  • Try going through airport security.
  • Try using Facebook, Apple, cell phone account.
  • Try visiting another city anywhere in the world.
  • Try applying for Medicare.

As I look back on life, the ID succession in our lifespan seems to be:

  • From birth to the middle school years, parents secured our ID card and password codes; we believed we were who our parents or caregivers told us we were.
  • During the middle school years, our ID began revision; peers began to replace our parents. (Remember peer pressure?)
  • Especially during high school and college years, coaches and teachers had immense, high-level power to change our ID.

Do you relate? Yet, during any of these life periods, life experience can impact one’s ID. More often than not, life experience reinforces our first ID and password set in our subconscious minds.

No matter how valuable and important personal ID is, in addition to personal passwords in your possession, there is one identification far more important than all.  Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!