“Each rowing the boat in the same direction.”

It seems to me there is a magnetic force of some sort trying to make us all the same; yet, at the same time an opposite force driving us to be unique. This dynamic power creates tension; too often stress; and even more damaging, broken relationships.

A university is the unification of many colleges; therefore, out of diverse intellectual pursuits we call colleges, comes a university. The beauty of diversity is that university is possible, but only if each independent entity seeks unity.

Few places on earth display more diversity than New York.  30,000 yellow cabs slipping, swishing, moving at all hours through a city that never sleeps. I marveled riding shotgun in a yellow Prius taking us to the Regal Princess. Honestly, I was mesmerized at the unity amidst diversity among the yellow cabbies. Too often I expected bent fenders only to see two diverse drivers fluidly flow through heavy traffic without touching each other.

How is it possible to have such unity in congested traffic? I did not see one traffic accident!

Yet, in our homes we have traffic accident after traffic accident. I read a few days ago the 2010 censes recorded 2,000,000 marriage licenses purchased and 872,000 divorces and annulments!  This is nearly 50% home accidents! 

Jesus tells us the answer in His last and final prayer. He prays, “Father, the hour has come, glorify thy Son.” In this amazing prayer Jesus asks His Father for ONE THING and one thing only!

What is this one request all of us should be asking?

Jesus asked for diversity to become university. He asked each of us to take our individuality, our diversity, to become united in our pursuit of excellence.

To me this means doing what I need to do to make my marriage work; to be a productive member of the NBC team, to live in peace and harmony with others so far as it is possible within me.

So much pain in our world; so much self destruction; so much violence; so many broken homes; so much PAIN. STOP IT!

The notion it is impossible to change others but by the grace of God I can change me wrings so loudly to me today.

I am all in today to be seeking unity not diversity. To change me; not try to change you!


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