If my life is dedicated to the proposition that Jesus was the ultimate truth teller, then my belief system is based on the most profound story ever told. It is a story of the ultimate miracle.

The ultimate truth story is God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter are 3 in 1. We call this the Blessed Holy Trinity. It is so amazing only the mind of God could come up with it.

However, if this story is fabricated it is the ultimate lie. Billions of lives, like Paul said, “Are living in vain.” When the Russian President announced communism was a failure in 1996, his Minister of Defense ended his life that evening.

Living your life in a lie has serious consequences. For this reason, I rejoice all the more that Jesus was the ultimate truth teller.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” -Jesus

Without question, the most remarkable speech I have heard (on tape; I have given out over 100 copies) in my lifetime is Ravi Zacharias’ message to the LDS church leaders at the invitation of theology professors at BYU. Ravi spoke on the six unique qualities of Jesus; one being the Holy Trinity. He received a standing ovation.

As I enjoy my sacred place this early morning, gardening through five gratitude’s for the day, the firm conviction, based on many Biblical passages, that the God of the universe lives in me. My entire being is filled with His love, peace, and joy. My cup runs over.