WIN – “To be successful or victorious in a contest or conflict.” – Dictionary

To win is a verb; a verb connotes action; action involves work; work is learned behavior. Therefore to win is learned behavior.

Fact. Children are not being taught to win!

I believe the first duty of education is to train a child to win.

One parent said, “I don’t know how to teach my children how to win because I wasn’t taught how to win.”

My personal research comes up with these responses. 

“I never thought about teaching my child how to win.”

“What do you mean, “How to win?”

“I’ve never been trained to win.”

“Sounds like a great book to read.”

We teach subjects. We teach knowledge but we don’t train children how to win.

If we are going to compete successfully in this tough, unfair world of rapid changes, we must teach children how to win.

Teaching is not telling. Teaching is not a monologue or lecture. Teaching is not homework.

Teaching is training. Training is the creation of habitual acts of success. To train means to win life in all arenas that will lead to success and victory over the contest or conflict at hand.

Some specific examples to illustrate how teaching must be accompanied by training:

1.) Bashful Son! Bully problem.

davis20with20studentA Father is very concerned about his son who is shy and has been being bullied. The father seeks counsel.

Train children in the way that they should go and when he is old they will not depart from it. This is my advice from the book of Proverbs.

Application of this principle of training for parent to train a child who is dealing with bullies.

Training Skill 1: Father Time –  one on one role play! Practice confronting bully. Dialogue back and forth role playing bully’s and child’s role. 

Training skill 2: Enroll son in Marshall arts training. 

2.) Mathematics Problem.

i-love-mathChild dislikes math. Child’s language is defeated talk.

Training Skill 1: Destiny training. Speak positive words. I love math. Write a mirror note. I love Math. Grade A. Post at eye level.

Training Skill 2: Parents hire an excellent math tutor who trains child to love math.

In the basketball world there are players who are excellent shot makers when the score is 60 to 40 but can’t make the crucial shot when the score is 60 to 59.

Why? These players don’t know how to win!

Do you know how to win?

James in his excellent book. He gives some keys to win. James writes about the big wins in life.

As a 75 year old who sees the oncologist each month there are two wins I want total success and victory.

Win #1 for Fred Cowell. Win the moment. This means being right here right now. Living in gratitude and contentment is my choice. Cancer cannot steal my joy.

So easy to say so difficult to live.

Hey, who said life was easy?

Win #2 for Fred Crowell. Win the final days of my life. Live in such a manner that those who love me are inspired and know heaven is for real.

Winning is trained behavior. Winning is an attitude. Winning is a choice. Now, let’s win!

Three things to know and do:

    1. Be right here right now.
    1. Know you are God’s miracle.
  1. Believe with all your mind and heart and soul that Jesus loves us and will never ever leave us.